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Posted: 10/23/13 01:07 pm

Buffco Production Inc has permitted its first two tests in southeastern Milam County (RRC Dist. 1). The 1H Bonorden (API 42-331-34808) is scheduled to be horizontally drilled to a total depth of 12,000 ft. on a 618-acre lease in the Mariano Moro Jr. survey, A-250. The lateral will bottom about a mile to the southeast. The venture has a wildcat objective in addition to Giddings field targets including the Austin Chalk, Eagle Ford and Buda. The town of Milano is over five miles to the southwest.

More than seven miles southwest of the planned 1H Bonorden, Longview, Texas-based Buffco has also permitted its 1H Joseph Pugh Ferguson (API 42-331-34809) with similar objectives. This 12,000-ft. horizontal test is slated for a surface location in the James A. Jones survey, A-226, a mile northwest of the Burleson County (RRC Dist. 3) line. The leg will bottom a mile to the east in the D.B. Anderson survey, A-78.

The proposed bottomhole of the 1H Joseph Pugh Ferguson is just west of the 1H Mackerel, an XTO Energy-operated horizontal Buda producer in Giddings field. It was tested early this year flowing 233 bbls of oil, 760,000 cu ft of gas and 1,128 bbls of water per day from a fracture-treated zone at 6524-10,507 ft. Brought online in January, recovery through March was 5,268 bbls of oil and 16.2 million cu ft of casinghead gas.

Generally southeast of the 1H Mackerel, Buffco is active at several horizontal tests in neighboring Burleson County – the 1H Kenjura (API 42-051-33718 and-0100), 1H Larson (API 42-051-33716), 1H Dayton (API 42-051-33722 ) and 1H Bridgwater (API 42-051-33723).